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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas EVE!!!

My Finnley, my baby turned 3 yesterday....  This child is an absolute joy.  

She is never in a hurry, not even for presents...she would have been thrilled with one gift....last year it took her over a week to get through her Christmas loot.  I'm guessing this year will be the same and it will drive the other kiddos bonkers to see unwrapped gifts under the tree, but not Finn.  She is the most content little love muffin ever.  And with that I am done with the birthday posts for 5 months!!!YIPPPEEEE.  3 birthdays the week of Christmas,  Chaos x 3 :)

Here are some of the fun Christmas photos that have been bumped to the back burner with all the B-day excitement.  When we went to the mountains for Thanksgiving we brought a bunch of paper to start on our Christmas decor... the kiddos and I made a mess and had a ball doing it. 

Paper chains and snowflakes! A fun decoration that the kids feel a big part of and love showing off,  best of all it was FREE....  we love it and don't mind that our sitting room looks like a preschool classroom :) It's a bit magical, don't ya think?

We also had a cookie making extravaganza!!  Here is our list...all the old favs and a few new ones.

Mess? What Mess? 
 We went nuts and made dozens and dozens of cookies...Santa is going to be sooo happy tonight.
 The kids here are headed out to share the calories love with the neighbors.
We are giddy with excitement for the festivities of the evening and wild with anticipation to see what santa brings in the morning.... I just can't wait to see their little faces in the morning, especially Ty.  He has suffered through the 3 birthdays this week and has been totally confused by the attention showered on one kiddo at a time, he needs a turn with a pile of presents :)  He is going to be overwhelmed and ecstatic.....  Have a wonderful night everyone!


Rebecca said...

I LOVE your home!!! Everything and everyone looks so beautiful. We need to get these photos into a Martha Stewart spread! Happy Holidays!!!

Megan said...

girl-you are nuts. what a week you have had. glad you are able to muster the energy to celebrate each child and the savior of the world all in a go girl.

chksngr said...

Happy Birthday, Finn!!! I love that you had your OWN cookie exchange! lol

Kristi said...

Love the request for 'all yumy cookies'. And what wonderful decorations! We may have to make our own snowflakes soon.
Happy belated birthday to your darling little Finn!