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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring break project- what a stinkin' mess

The twerps love a project as much as their mama. The messier the better. This one kept them entertained for quite a while this week. Painting and planting their own strawberry pot. I don't know how they are the most focused bunch of kiddos... they could all sit here for hours and do this kind of stuff...but again only if it makes a big mess..
I've learned to embrace it and reap the rewards of the stillness.
The smiles aren't half bad either.
A little soap and water goes a long ways.
Now comes the real dirty part.
A lesson in controlled snacking.. they have already discussed how they will not be sharing the strawberries in their individual pots. I have no doubt that each of these little plants will be well loved and doted on.
And because I couldn't resist wrecking the whole process with instant gratification...
I love a good kid project...feel free to share yours. our crew will thank you :) Hope you are having beautiful weather and enjoying spring!


chksngr said...

Awesome project!!! I'm putting this into my file of things to do!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

That's the good stuff there, Amy! The messier the project, the happier the kids! I love it! They turned out really cute (the pots and the kids)! :)

Have a great day!

Robin said...

Fun Fun!


fullertribe said...

Love this idea. Not quite able to do something like that here in Michigan yet. But great idea. Wish I had one to share with you but I'm fresh out of ideas right now!

rgshrs said...

Very cute! Finn reminds me so much of how D would look doing the same thing. LOL. Definitely the messier the better in her book. ;)
That last picture of Mina enjoying her strawberry is awesome!! So beautiful!

Jennifer Barbee said...

A great way to spend a spring day! I'm loving the outside time myself!! You have the cutest kids on the planets girl!

Sarabeth Hudson said...

We planted vegetables in pots...but big pots so it is our summer garden! It has been fun because we planted green bean seeds on Saturday and they are sprouting already, so they are seeing the growth already and are super excited about it! Who knows if we'll keep the plants alive, but we'll try :) I'm not brave (or maybe patient is a better word) enough for busting out the paint!