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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I know I have been hiding from my blog... I just sat down for the first time in weeks and am feeling a bit guilty about it already. We are mostly moved in and we are loving our new house. I still have rooms that I am in denial about that are filled with boxes and all the things that have yet to find their home... but we won't talk about that right now. Right now we can focus on the sweetness of Easter morning and all that comes with it... Finn's first Easter home and First time having a Pe@p, and it is only 6:30 a.m... I think she could get used to this.

"Papa, I know it isn't even 7:00a.m. but could I please have one more piece of candy?"
Mama 2.0

The joy and excitement of being 6... love it
I know baby, I'm tired too... must be coming off of the Pe@ps sugar shock...

Here's Mina and her cheesy pose on the swinging bed we hung last week... It's so comfy! Calling all Mom's of boys. I need some advice. Anyone else out there have a super-competative little guy? It's making me bonkers... Here, he is devastated that his sister found the last easter egg. It is not good enough that he found the most and found them the fastest. He is seriously self motivated when it comes to school, sports, or any thing that he could take score... If you can't take score, he will create a way.. Then if he doesn't win, he crumbles. So annoying. What do I do? He is so calm and mild mannered until there is a competitive angle.


rgshrs said...

Happy Easter Amy and family! Looks like it was quite the morning at your place too! Aw Jack's pic makes me think of a little guy on J's soccer team, he's very competitive and hard on himself too. wish I could help you understand it better, but I'm sure that as grows and learns the meaning of Sportsmanship he'll come around and realize it's more important that you play than it is you win. In the mean time, hang in there. ;)

Such cute pics! You have such a beautiful family and still loving that hanging bed!!!

Bailey said...

Oh, what a wonderful Easter! Looks like you all enjoyed a great day, and it looks like your day started as early as ours did. I love the swing bed on the porch. What a great idea! How did you do that?
Looks like you have a Pe@p lover in Finn. What a fun way to start the day. Great memories and great traditions. Thank you so much for sharing them.

Happy Easter to your family from ours!

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Love them all, of course, but that picture of Mina in the yard with her Easter basket - she is so photogenic! Love that one :) Looks like a good day. Oh - and if you come home one day and find me napping on your swinging bed....please don't wake me!