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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prayers for my biggest baby..

My baby is sick, he is thousands of miles away and has been quarantined and put into a separate dorm room and had to visit the Chinese hospital. He says he feels really weak and has a fever... he has been sick for about 5 days. How strange it is to have him so far away and not be able to do anything. I spoke to him last night and then I couldn't sleep because I forgot to tell him to make sure he drank a lot of fluids so he didn't get dehydrated. so silly. I spoke with him again tonight and he assured me that everyone is telling him the same thing. Exciting news is that he has been able to spend time at New Day foster home. Have you every checked out Carrie's blog ? Prepare to be inspired when you hop over there. I am ridiculously envious that he gets to spend time with the children and getting to know Carrie. He is really enjoying his time there. And he seems to have a special soft spot for this little guy. Isn't he just the cutest!


rgshrs said...

OMGOSH! He has visited New Day?? I have a friend here that is going within the month to get her little girl that is AT New Day!! How cool is that???? :)

I hope and pray that he is feeling better very soon!!

Robin said...

Praying that he is all well very soon and peace for you being so far away from him.


Sharing Life and Love said...

Oh No. I hope you get good news about Collin soon. Is he able to get antibiotics?

Sorry to hear he is so sick but Glad to hear he experienced New Day---how great is that?!

Lots of thoughts and prayers for you...

Please keep us posted.

Jennifer Barbee said...

Praying for him and YOU.

Alycia said...

Hi! My friend Heather told me about your son's blog, and his recent visit to New Day. My daughter, Adahlyn currently lives in the village with a local foster family and attends preschool at New Day. I hope that he got to meet her. I commented about it on his blog. I'm so sorry to hear that he's ill. We will be praying that he feels better SOON!
If he is still there next month, we plan on going his way mid-May.

Angie said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way-I;m sure it's hard to have him so far away and not to be able to take care of him!

Looks like he is a natural with the kiddos though-I bet they love him!

Thinking of you and miss you!