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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our littlest scholar

Mina started preschool this week. We hadn't really planned on it but there is a wonderful little church school down the street that had an opening, and I was sure it wouldn't be there in the fall
besides Mina is thrilled to be going to preschool.
She loves to say, "I go to preschool, but Finn does NOT!"
She had a smile ear to ear when I dropped her off
I had strict instructions how to do her hair and I obliged, seeing that she was full of first day jitters (yeah, right).
She is a little social butterfly, she can work a crowd with will serve her well... but as her Mama, I will admit I'm a little scared. This kid has my heart in a big way.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Mina looks all grown up and ready to tackle whatever preschool throws her way! Love the hair!


Michelle said...

That is so sweet and I know Mina will enjoy..

Kim said...

How adorable! I know your sweet girl is so excited to start school...the smiles says it all!

Happy Friday!

Hebnix said...

Say it ain't so!
She looks so grown up...
Still adorable, but it's coming.... I guess they all grow up huh?

chksngr said...

SHEESH!!! She is so cute!!! She looks like she is SO READY! Jay loves school...He CRIES on Tuesdays and Thursdays when he can't go to school...hee!! I'm sure that Mina will be totally all over that place! PS...that smile could melt the polar ice caps...what a radiant face!