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Friday, March 27, 2009

Why I am a blog slacker...

It's crazy 'round here.  With all the excitement of our upcoming trip to China, I pulled out all my suitcases yesterday and started refining my packing list.    I can't wait to start throwing all the clothes and goodies in.  I have a feeling fed-ex "black-listed" my address after I chased this poor unsuspecting guy into the street to get his photo when he delivered our LOA.  He made no attempt to look at me with a straight-face when I gave the envelope back to him and started snapping his photo.  He surely thought I was nuts when I began telling him that his photo would forever be in my daughter's baby book.  He was a man of few words, and he made me feel like a complete and utter lunatic.He did manage to cop a smile while I clicked his photo.  I guess I should have told him I would be posting his photo on the Internet for the 10 people who read my blog??? Oh, well, sorry. Mina and her buddy Mia making cupcakes for "Mina day", she got to do all her favorite things, Hang with her best bud, make cupcakes, and eat noodles until she nearly popped. It was fun and simple. She has asked me every day since if today is her special day, I think she is in it for the cupcakes. 
(why does my head look outrageously large in this photo?) Oh, the joy of parenting teenagers.  One second you love them to pieces & your beaming with pride and the next, well.... I came to the grueling realization that in about 10 years we will have 4 teenagers at the very same time living under our roofs. I hope I can get though it without therapy, or better yet, I hope THEY can get through it without therapy.  This poor kid thinks his Mama is the ONLY Mom who is so tough.  Like the time I packed up his ENTIRE room, clothes, tv, video games, cell phone, I-pod, posters, papers EVERYTHING other than 4 days worth of clothes. I kept all his belonging for 3 months, because he threw a salami sandwich on my front lawn. (oh and he ate the sandwich for dinner too)  Yeah, but that was a year ago and I have never had to get all crazy since, well not until this week.  So I would feel bad about posting this, that is if I knew he would see it, but since he won't be privy to any electronic device for sometime, I'm not skeered.  If anyone needs their car washed or house painted for free, let me know, he is in need of keeping busy. He knows I love him though, He always tells me that he is my favorite.  

I love this little character.  She has let go of her puppy hat the last few days, only wearing it here and there.  Now she says "rina-rina" because she wants to dress like a ballerina.  So floppin' cute! 


Duchess of Lanier said...
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Duchess of Lanier said...

First, congrats on your LOA!!!
I posted you congrats in the queendom earlier.

Happy Mina Day! It's the most wonderful excuse for cupcakes!

"rina-rina": too cute!

And could you please contact me to work out the temporary custody agreement for your dear teen?
I have lots of chores, and a teenage boy would be great for painting, storage cleaning outing, and yard working. This is going to be great! ;)

Have a fabulous weekend counting up to travel!

Sarabeth Hudson said...

I love your parenting techniques so don't be upset if I copy them one day! And yeah, our cars could use a good washing! ;)

Jennifer Barbee said...

Oh the joy of parenting teenagers. I've come to the realization that from this point forward, I will have at least one, sometimes more than one,in my house for the next 15 years - joy, joy, joy!!!!

Oh, by the way, does he do toilets?

Michelle said...

Our daughter is from the same Orphanage Dongguan. Your daughter is beautiful hope you get to travel soon. I understand the teenage thing I have two of them and let's just life is crazy.

Carmi said...

Oh my Amy that is too funny! I am going to remember that packing up the entire room trick! My mom used to do something similar if we did not pick up our toys. They would be gone for months!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you---for posting this---it helps me feel like I am not alone! My teenage son's Ipod, phone, etc...are all in a heap in my bedroom closet. Isn't this fun? Brace yourself though---it was (or still is) tougher with my teenage daughter...sorry.

Hoping TA comes soon!

chksngr said...

LOVE the Fed Ex pics...he's probably overwhelmed that he made a woman so happy only doing his job! Send Collin to OUR house...I've got two cars to be washed, windows that could be washed, lawn work to be done...somebody should really trim my trees...and, of course, Scott will keep him company and talk his darn ears off. Amy, I'm so very very proud of you as a parent...I LOVE that you took away his priviledges and asked him to rise to a higher level. ITS JUST PLAIN AWESOME!!! You go girl!!!

LOVE that little ballerina skirt...its super cute with the tennies and leggings...LOVE how adorable she is!!!