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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Swingin' Smiles

Oh how I long for the days of spring... Oh wait this was just 2 days ago!  Now we are smack dab in the middle of a cold rainy weekend and we are even expecting some snow.  I am not a big fan of big the cold, maybe if I could cuddle up by the fire with a cup of coffee and a good book and just wait out the "storm" I wouldn't mind the cold so much, but that is NOT my life.  So I long for warm weather where we can laugh and play and run through fields of daisies,  or at least something like that.  Or just letting the kids burn off their energy in the great outdoors rather than in my living room on my furniture.  These are some cute photos of the kids playing on the swings a few days ago when it was nice and warm.  Fun, Fun!

Udate on the Wait:  No news is not good news in this case, we are still waiting with no word.  I was holding out for a miracle that we would be able to travel to get Finn before the Trade Fair which is at the end of April...  It looks like we have passed the point of possibility.  We waited 63 days for our LOA for Mina, we are passed that point in our wait for Finn.  I hope and pray that things move along quickly from here.  This is tough stuff. 


Cheri said...

I check your blog about 3 times a week. I got your comment and yes, we live close. We're near Roanoke, Virginia. The snow is beautiful. I wish you a speedy LOA also and love the pics of the kiddos.


Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

No warm up in sight huh? It looks like we will be taking some snow pics for the next few days!

monica said...

Oh, your kids are so cute! Yes, the outdoors is really the perfect playground for kids (and grown-ups...). Come on , LOA. Love, Monica

Mommy said...

Hang in there. Hoping it comes soon!

chksngr said...

ADORABLE pictures...on you wait, hang in there girlie. We are all praying!

rgshrs said...

Love the swing pictures! FUN! Sorry to hear there is no news on the wait though. Praying your LOA comes soon!!