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Monday, October 3, 2011

Randomness & TMI

First off, I want to thank you all for sticking with me during my fuzzy photo phase... I have my sights on a new camera and hopefully will be scoring it soon.... I have a few silly photos that I thought I would throw together for a random  blog here we go. 
My girls are on the same soccer team this year...probably the only time we will ever get to slide on this one.  I think they felt sorry for us having 5 kids on different teams so they let us squeak in an age bracket to keep the girls together..   It's pretty comical watching 3 & 4 year olds playing soccer...especially ones like Finn, with no love for the outdoors or physical activity.  So funny. 
 This girl has been sitting on counter tops and "helping" for 9 years now. All of my hard work has finally paid off, now she is super helpful and I am loving putting her to work.  She is going to have her own food network show someday.
 Just in case you were wondering, this kid is a total jokester, a scootch if you will, an in your face always jabbering about comedian.  We love him to bits but I will be honest that I am loving that he now he thinks Jackson is the coolest thing ever...over the past year, he has been all about mommy, every second of every day.  He is just now realizing that Jackson is way more fun than mommy...Thank You Jesus...mommy needed some breathing room.
 During our weekly house cleaning hour, I walked into the bathroom to find Jackson decked out in this get-up...complete with mouth guard???  Boys crack me up.
 Does anyone else bribe their kids with slushies and let them try on Halloween gear to keep the peace during a Target run?, No?  Me either..
 I think my kid has a triple nipple, like Chandler on "Friends".   Can you see it? Is that TMI?  Is that just gross? I think it's hysterical and now he has just one more crazy nickname, "tri-nip".
 My favorite time of the day,,, my boy reads to me for 20 minutes outside on the swinging bed.  It's required by his teacher and I love it.... I can't resist the urge to take his picture when he's concentrating on a good book... but he caught my goofy face this time :)  You should be paying attention mommy.
 My B-day was a couple weeks ago.  My girl asked her Papa to take her to the store so she could buy me a present with her own hard earned cash.  I know your jealous, don't you wish you had a florescent orange man watch....  and just in case I ever forget..It is Water Resistant up to 30 Meters.  How helpful. So sweet.  


groovy mama said...

Ok, Finn so fits did you get her?
Second i love that you put your DD on counter when you cook, hubby hates when i do that ;0(
3rd, i love that your kiddos are cleaning and i would like to know if you have to 'redo' it or is all good?
Mine like to take a wet clean washcloth over dried up toothpaste and it just makes for more mess!
AND are so a good cool mama!
happy monday

Kristi said...

I'm jealous of your weekly cleaning hour - so the kids really clean their own bathroom? soooo jealous!

Cheri said...

I love sweet, random posts!

Amy said...

Yeah, my kids clean, and they do a pretty good job. We break it up. One set of kids gets mirrors and counters, the other set gets toilets and trash cans. They switch it up every now and again. I do the deep cleaning and the floors, but they do pretty well. They have to do all the bathrooms in the house, mine included :) You have to teach them well the first go around, but they are very capable. If you whine about chores in this house you get to do everybody's,,, so we usually don't hear any complaining :)

Bailey said...

This post is so funny! Love the girls together playing soccer... too cool! Wearing a football helmet to clean... I better not show that one to my eldest or else she will want to do the same. I love that you have an awesome cook in the family! Never bribe in Target, never will (wink, wink!).
Hope everyone is well, though I can guess by this post that you all are. Woohoo!!!

Bailey said...

BTW, my daugher's favorite thing to clean in the bathroom is the toilets. I say "YUCK!" She says, "Bring it on!" Amazing!

Kathleen said...

Seriously about wet my pants when I saw Jackson sporting the helmet while wiping down the toilet!!! Does he just love the outfit, or was he trying to keep toilet cooties at bay? I'm already flashing ahead to you showing his future bride that picture...absolutely classic! You have to do these random posts more often - they rock!!

Kathleen said...

(OOPS - major faux pas...does he love the UNIFORM, not the "outfit!!" Eek! Would never hear the end of that in this house...)

Jenny said...

I LOVE this crazy random post!!! Your family is PRECIOUS!!!

The Stiffs said...

I just popped over from grafted in. I want to thank you. We just got home with our son. You've eased some of our fears. Thank you!

Megan said...

as for t's possible extra sis had one and had it removed around puberty. we love to tease her about this.

rgshrs said...

Such random cuteness! Shows how all over the place your house can be:) Girl, I don't know how you do 5 soccer teams! We barely managed with 2, of course Daddy was coaching both, so that made it interesting too. Especially the days that the Y double booked the games! (they did it TWICE!) So really, BRAVO to you guys for all you do! I'm about to take another page out of your book and teach the girls how to clean the bathrooms. I think it's about time! ;) LOL

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