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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finally some Fall Fun!

Se we are still learning some leasons about how to deal with having a big family...  There is a balance we are trying to figure out.  A balance of having family down time and having our kids involved in various activities.   When we signed all 5 kids up for soccer, we knew it was going to be a busy season, but I don't think we realized just how over our heads we were getting.  Our every weekend has been completely consumed with soccer.  Saturdays and Sundays,,,sometimes 8 hour days spanning 100 miles of travel to get each kid to their respective games.  Plus practices, 3 nights a week at the fields for 3 hours.  The hardest thing has been not having time to do all of the family things we love.  So yesterday we got an early email that the soccer fields were closed due to rain...but the forecast for the rest of the day was nice and clear.  It took us about 2 seconds to come up with our plan of action. 
 Hiking!!  it is over a four mile trek to the top.  Finn didn't get her "I'm an indoor type of girl" pass either.  

 She did ride about one of those miles in "style".  She did more than her fair share whine a little on the last half but over all she hung in there better than expected.

Once at the top the kids had a picnic lunch and we enjoyed the view :) 

 Brothers. I want to hang this pic in their room.  There is quite an interesting dynamic going on between the two of them.  I really can't wait to see how it plays out.  At this point, it's anyones guess.
 Jackson is such a turkey....I wonder where he learned to be such a stinkin' goofball ?????
 Oh, nevermind.  It's genetic, there is no hope.

 Somone stole his sisters Haloween socks that are 2 sizes too big :)

 love overflowing for this motley crew :)

 This is the good stuff :)
 Taking in the sights...

 Really this hike is so beautiful... looking down over the fall foliage. This is the best time of year.
  It is such a sence of accomplishment for the kiddos.  They love seeing how far they have climbed. Such a beautiful payoff!
Finn was wiped out and quickly fell asleep in the car.  Come on...who sleeps like this?????  The cuteness is ridiculous.  I love those little lips and those cheeks keep her outta heeps of trouble :)
Hopefully we will make her into an outdoorsey type someday???


fullertribe said...

Oh my word. That last picture is crazy cute. I miss her so much.

Jenny said...

I was secretly hoping our games would be canceled on Saturday too, but no such luck for us;) Oh well! I'm so glad you guys got to spend such an amazing day together! And I too LOVE that last picture!!! What a doll baby!!!

Bailey said...

Oh how fun! Love the "genetic" photos by the way. What a beautiful day for a family hike, so cool!