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Friday, September 30, 2011


OK, So I know I'm her Mama, but this right her is just pure cuteness.  My girl has gone through over 300 hours of therapy since she has been home.  She is almost 4 years old. Selfishly it can be exhausting, and some days I feel like we have made NO progress.  But this video does give me some hope.  My girl is a smarty pants, I have no doubt about that.  But I will be honest and saying we have concerns.  Both Marc and I feel that there is something that is just "off" with her development.   We worry.  But this is the hard part, I ask her therapists and teachers and they all fall back on moments like this video.  She can memorize the "Pledge of Allegiance" and she taught herself her letters and numbers even before her big sister.  So what I hear from her teacher when I question her development is, "I think Finn is doing great, she is the only one who knows her letters."  But our intuition is that something is off... the simple things for Finn are so much more difficult.  And finally we found someone who is willing to listen.  Someone who came highly recommended. Someone who, hopefully, will be able to see through her wide open, friendly personality and see what we see.  And part of me hopes that they will tell me what all the others have told me, "Finn is great.  Her speech will catch up and she will be just fine by the time she starts Kindergarten."  and the other part of me wants them to see what I see and give me an action plan, a diagnosis.  We are thinking there may be a processing disorder, but we shall see.  I would love to either rule it out or get to work on it!  But I'm nervous too.  Her appointment isn't for another 3 weeks...oh the torture of waiting.  I would love prayers that she receives a correct diagnosis, whatever that may be so we can move forward.  I'm so lucky that I get to snack on those cheeks everyday, my happy place :)
Thank you!!!


fullertribe said...

Give some kisses for me too! She is so stinking cute and we will be praying. Not knowing is worse than knowing sometimes.

A Cup of Cold Water said...

amy, she is so sweet! i have never seen a video of finn and she came to life for me in this! :)

i am praying for her and for you. and just as you ask, that the therapists will see her for who she is, the true finn. i know it's hard, friend. praying for a true and GOOD report!

Nancy said...

Prayers for you and your sweetie!
Don't ever disregard that mama gut instinct! It's strong and God put it there for a reason. You know her inside and out better than anyone.

All this sounds SO familiar to me. Still trying to get them to see what I see.

Nancy-of the crazy 9

Annie said...

Amy, isn't this your little one from DG? I feel the same about our little DG girlie but no one else sees it. She is as smart as a whip but... Glad you have found someone to listn!

Jenny said...

So, So, So....sweet!!!
Praying for you!

Liz said...


I will lift your little Finn up in prayer for the next 3 weeks. My hope is that you get the right diagnosis and the perfect treatment plan. Good luck!


Amy said...

Well, she is developmentally ahead of my Dongguan 7 year old. But I doubt that is much consolation. My daughter has a terrible memory. She finally got an auditory processing disorder diagnosis. But it hasn't made much difference in the type of therapy she is offered here, so I don't know how much it will really help her.

Jen said...

It's been so long since I've been on blogger..I can empathize with you..I really can, it's hard being the parent and seeing what other's cant see. Especially when the think you are over reacting. We know our glad you have found someone who can help. Will be thinking of you and following along.

rgshrs said...

Oh Amy, I can completely relate with that gut feeling that something is just "off". We have started therapy with D as well, and while her teacher seems to think she's on track, though she did stipulate that she would need the "right" K teacher (how do I guarantee that???) her therapist does seem to see where we are coming from. We go see another dr in the coming weeks for more evaluations. I'm with you, if there's a problem, let's find it and start working on it, she makes the easy things so hard for herself and it breaks my heart, but the harder stuff she seems to skip right over. I just don't want her going through life always taking the hard road if we can help her find an easier way. Hang in there, you guys know that beautiful little girl, trust your hearts. Praying you find the answers you seek.