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Monday, May 9, 2011

My super special Mudders day

 I hope you all had a great Mother's Day!  Isn't it such a great day! I almost have a little Mama guilt over how much I enjoyed my weekend.  Yes-sirreeeee.  I milked it, and made my day into a weekend.  I'm not the kind a girl that wants a day at the spa... I'm much more simple than that...but my simplicity can't be bought.... it takes time :)    My amazing, wonderful, thoughtful hubby pretty much gave me the weekend to do and be gone whenever and however I wanted.. so I took him up on it and spent the last two days being lazy and frivolous with my time and lovin' it.  Saturday I went and drove around a massive yard sale and picked up a bunch of goodies one of which was this book that I had been wanting to read....  

then I bopped around M@rshalls & homego@ds for way longer than I necessary and even tried on a bunch of clothes I didn't need.  I ended up buying the perfect little black dress that I have absolutely no where to wear it but I don't care... for $25 it made my stinkin' day cause it fits like a glove in all the right places...and not in all the wrong places if you know what i'm sayin' :)   Does wonders for a girls psyche...I'm a simple girl :)  

Then I came home, kissed my babies and headed outside for my hammock with my book under my arm.   b.l.i.s.s

and it is a great book.  so i spend the rest of the afternoon, sipping my sweet tea and reading.  

Then, Sunday morning we go to church, then out to lunch at my favorite sandwich shop.  then home.  I grab my book,  grab a handful of dark chocolates and shove them in my pockets of my jean shorts like a 5 year old and sneak out back to my hammock...Here's the message in one of my chocolates...made me smile. big.

I lay around so much this weekend that I finish the entire novel in less than 24 hours. Great book, you have to read it, love the characters. 

  We also do the rounds to soccer games, which is so fun. And the kids made me a big gooey chocolate cake with an obnoxious amount of sprinkles and frosting... Yeah  I accomplished nothing but it was pure perfection... to have this time that I just wasted being frivolous and unbusy and unrushed.  I don't get much time to just soak up books or just be,  I feel like I'm always rushing and doing.  My adorable hubby knows me so well... he knows what I appreciate and how I feel appreciated.  I know my weekend doesn't sound glamorous but to me it was pure perfection.  I felt like I was on vacation.Oh did I mention he also got all the laundry caught up so I don't have to do it tomorrow on my laundry day!!!  That is no small task of this rather large crew.... I didn't even make or think up one meal this weekend.. I was here in body but not mind... I feel recharged and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow!  I love being a Mommy, I love that I have such a great husband that appreciates and supports me.   (on a side note,,, can you count how many chins I have in the following photo..I counted 37.  oh well)  I am such a lucky girl!  I feel so blessed this mothers day... I hope you do to.  Big hugs to all my Mommy friends out there!!!


A Cup of Cold Water said...

Hi Amy! I'm glad ou enjoyed your weekend! Just had to say I read that book last week and LOVED IT TOO!!! Didn't she do a great job with the characters! And nothing really inappropriate other than a couple of words and well the thing minny did, haha! No so much inappropriate as plain yucky! ;). Loved it! Hoping the movie isn't a let down! If they do it right it will be a great movie!!!


Teresa M. said...

Hi Amy--I stumbled upon your blog from no hands, but ours. I am looking at medical conditions for our adoption from China and wondered if you could e-mail me. Thanks!

JT and Angie said...

Hey Amy-
Sounds like the absolute perfect weekend! I loved the book as well. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. We are super excited! Our last document has made it's way to the DR. We are now waiting on them to send us our travel date. Praying it will be the first of June. Hope we can catch up soon.