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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do you know where our Mama is???

Try as I may I can not pull myself away from seeing the children who are waiting and having my heart broken time and time again.  I meet people almost everyday that have a heart for adoption but there is this looming fear of the "what-if's"...  What I really want to say is, "What never open your heart to this child and you miss out on the biggest blessing of your life?"  "What if...because of fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, another child never knows what having a family means."  "What if... this child has a heart so big that they beam every time you walk into the room and they love you for the rest of your life."  "What if... you could be the hands and feet of Jesus in the crazy world"  I guarantee if you ask 100 people who have adopted at least 99 of them would say their lives have been drastically changes by adoption...for the BETTER! Not that we all weren't scared at the we just all know better.  It's not always easy but it is always worth it.    

This is Pearl, she just turned 3 years old.  Isn't she precious.  She needs a Mama, don't you agree?  She has a heart condition that requires surgery.  Usually, it seems kids get surgery while they are in China but she has not yet.  I would love to see her find a family super quick.  She also has a cleft palate that will need to be corrected at some point once she is home.  My heart is aching for her.    See what her files says about her personality below...
 At the age of 25 months, she could understand the meanings of sentences and carry out the simple orders. Pearl liked to close to me, I interacted with other children no matter where I sat at the activity room, she always sat behind me quietly; sometimes she would put the toy phone to her ear, and press on the number on the homophone. Sometimes she would do a somersault for me, after that she would come to me and sit on my bosom with head lying on my bosom, shaking her legs while smiling; when asking her where was the dog, she not only pointed to the dog picture on the wall but also studied the puppy to call. Now Pearl is 28 months old, every day she will go out to play; once she put on shoes she will go to the elevator and waiting with children together; when reaching the small garden, at first she will enjoy the flowers and touch the tree, and then she holds the tree and hide it, meaning playing game of hide-and-seek with me. Now Pearl not only could have a dinner with spoons but also choose food; she likes to eat rice noodle and wonton; putting the porridge and the rice noodle in front of her, she often choose the rice noodle.She likes to eat dessert and all kinds of fruits and corn. This is Pearl, a young girl who suffers from CHD, and is delicacy but is quiet and sensible and adorable.  
And here is some updated info from a few weeks ago: Pearl can walk up and down the stairs holding onto the railing. She counts the steps “one, two, three, four, five..” while walking up the stairs. She kicks the ball with her foot and can throw the ball with both hands. She can play some games with the teachers using her fingers and dance. If she sees other children doing something wrong, she tries to tell the teacher by pointing at the child and say Ah Ah. She is potty trained and knows to wash her hands after going to the bathroom. She can put on and take off her pants and shoes. She goes to bed on her own when it is time to sleep. She feeds herself with a small spoon. She can say “Ba Ba and Ma Ma”. She says Wang Wang to imitate the dogs and says Wo Wo to imitate the roosters. When she sees the teachers, she says “Lao Shi Hao” (Hello, Teacher) and when she leaves she says Bye Bye and blows kisses.

And look at this sweety, Tori...She has already had heart surgery and recovered very well.  She is 4 years old.  Check out her cuteness and see what her orphanage had to say about her.
She can run and jump comfortably. She can walk up and down stairs by herself. She can say sentences with three to five words in them. She is a little girl who loves to talk, to laugh and to sing and to jump.  She recovered very well from her surgery.  She is not a picky eater. Tori has outgoing personalities. She loves to talk and laugh. She also cries easily. She likes to listen to music, sing, play with paper, draw, tear paper as a game. She doesn’t like stuffed animals or animal toys. Tori has normal intelligence and her motor development is also very good. Only her language development is somewhat slower than her peers but she has made much progress in this area as well. 

To find out more about these precious kids you can leave a comment with your email address or you can contact the agency that has their file here:  xqcai@comcast (dot) net


Kim said...

amen and amen!! i am one of those 99...i'm talking ABUNDANTLY BLESSED!!


Robin said...

Tell me more about Pearl and the agency that has her please.


Mommy said...

I wish it were me. We need to catch up sister! Miss you!

Jennifer Barbee said...

Amen! I'm another one of the 99. Blessings that can't even be described! I have poured over Pearl and Tori's file as well. Have their pics in my Bible. They deserve a family!

Annie said...

Love it Amy!!!! It has not always been easy but it is ALWAYS amazing and wonderful and so very humbling!!! I am closer to my Lord because of adoption and am blessed every single day!!!

Paige said...

yes I would say abundantly blessed!!! I am in love with Pearl!!