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Sunday, February 22, 2009

SLAM DUNKS & STITCHES , RACE CARS & RIBBONS, that's what weekends 'round here are made of..

Jack had his last basketball game of the season (honestly not my favorite of the parental spectator sports, lining us all up on the sidelines doesn't go over so well.  Soccer starts next week & Mina and I can kick around a soccer ball during games and practices so it is much more fun)  But Jack got this trophy and I think we saw his head grow a little bit more.  He was so proud of this one.  His first substantial trophey.  He was jazzed!So I had to fade this photo to black & white so it is a little less gross.  Mina ate it today,  she is usually the most coordinated of our cast of characters.  She usually climbs into and out of her high chair before you know it.. not very safe.  So we let her sit up on the bar stools with the other kids after church today and she ended up busting her lip.. Big time... she busted it from the inside out..  Yeah, there was a "hole" all the way through... so she had to have it stitched up on the inside and the outside.  3 hours in the urgent care, and a box of popsicles later, she is running around here like nothing and scaring her Mama to death.  
Kobi & Papa had their annual Pinewood Derby race this weekend, they basically take a block of wood cut it down (then their special little trick, sink fishing weights into it) and race it with hundreds of other little ones.  Kobi's car kicked tail!!! She was proud toting around these ribbons this weekend. 


monica said...

Sorry to hear about Mina--didn't seem to slow her down at all! Thanks for posting to my blog! Monica

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Busy times! Looking forward to seeing you later. sbh