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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Care Packages

Mina and I went over to the post office and mailed a little care package to Finn. Mina wanted to carry it the whole time and kept saying it was for her "Baby Pin".
In the recent photos we received from the orphanage she was clutching a little white towel so we mailed her a super soft little white blankie baby(can you tell I tried to write her Chinese Name on it?) , I have a feeling she is already attached to the towel? We also sent a disposable camera, a photo album with pictures of the whole family, and some chocolate and tea for the nannies.
We sent this package to Finn a few months ago, through Ann at Red Thread China, we also tried to sent her a Birthday cake along with this package. That is how we found out she was in the hospital, because she couldn't receive the cake. Now that she is back, hopefully they will deliver it soon after Chinese New Year.

 This photo is just cause I think it is cute. The kids after church this morning. Can you tell this is Mina's favorite hat of the week?


Mommy said...

Cute cute babies! They'll always be your "babies" ya know? Well, at least mine will. I bet Finn will love her care package.

chksngr said...

AWWW!!! All that adorable pink!! LOVE that Mina already owns the role...she's SO smart!!! I LOVE FINN's NAME!!!

jacob20martin said...

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