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Saturday, November 15, 2008

We did our Christmas Card Photos the other family usually hates this and it is usually really stressful, but it is the one time a year that I force my family collectively put themselves together and look in the same general direction,while sitting a little to close for comfort... .Collin even dubbed me with the horrible nickname "Adolf Picture" a few years back, during said Christmas card photo session... This year was actually not bad at all! Now my Mommy standards of the perfect family photo have seriously lowered in the past years, and I must admit- it is for the better. Nothing good has come of me trying to look like the Ralph Lauren cover family, that we are not, so I will just stop trying...This year we just went into the backyard and my girlfriend came over and for 15 minutes just kept clicking away... I think we got some great pictures.. and we tried this... Marc and I with each of the kids individually.. I really like it, now that we have 4 kids, it is nice for us to be able to have these individual photos.. I like them, OH-NO, a new family tradition added to Christmas photo day!!!

Also last weekend Kobi and Jack got a special day with Papa and Grandpa. They got to go to a NBA game. Kobi's soccer coach had picked her out of her soccer team as the player with the most "Christ Like" attitude, and for that she got to go down on the court with the players while the national anthem was sung, and take a shot after the game. She also got her baby brother in for the ride. I have to say that the thing I am most proud about my kids is their attitude, Just like Kobi's coach said, "she always was kind to the other players and she never complained, no matter what the coach was asking of her" That, right there, is the proverbial "paycheck" for a Stay-at-home- Mommy! As I say to my teenager, "I take my job VERY seriously" It is a lot of work, but it sure pays off.

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eastandwest said...

I don't know... looks pretty Ralph Lauren to me! Your family is beautiful as always! I have a Christmas card obsession too. This year I opted to order cards so as not to stress out my poor family. So of course I've now taken lots of pics of the girls and thought, "that could've been the Christmas card." Sigh.