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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Oh my poor Jack, what it must be like to have a baby sister that copies your every move and screams "MINE" every time you touch any object. Mina is such a pest to our (usually) sweet Jack. When he is at school, and it is just Mina and Mommy at home or running around, Mina is so chill. Like one of those kids everyone wished they could just take home with them. BUT,,, when she gets around Jack, all bets are off. It is like a switch gets flipped and she has to terrorize him, copying his every move and trying to snatch whatever he is holding. She has become a mean skateboard chick in her attempts to emulate her big bro. Friday is my only morning with both the little ones so I went to the gym, and took a new class (complete and utter humiliation, have you ever heard of Zumba. Nothing like a Zumba class to make you feel, old, and uncoordinated. After all of my triathlon workouts I was hoping to hit a nice mellow pilates class or something, just to shake things up a bit. Well Zumba was what was going down, at 10:30 so I tried it out and felt like a fool. Not sure if I will try it again?) then the little ones and I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get a treat for after our lunch at the park.. We had quite the nice little mellow afternoon picnic at the park. I love hangin' with my kids! My favorite thing to do. They are so fun!


Mommy said...

I took a few Zumba classes and felt like such an idiot. I was not given the gift of rhythm and it showed. Luckily there were others who were there for fun and not dance lessons so we all sweated and laughed at ourselves simultaneously. It was a hoot!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Came to you through Motherlode..

ahh, yes . ZUMBA. btdt. And it hurt. more than just my muscles. my pride. I just move like that.

I like your plan for the rest of the day. Zumba=sore muscles and humiliation. Donuts= happiness and love and all that is good with the world. Clearly the better choice.