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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confessions of a "Blonde" woman.

I was so excited this weekend as we headed off to the Corn Maze / Pumpkin patch, the weather was perfect and it is one of my favorite fall activities. My girlfriend and I spent the first hour of our fun family outing, spouting orders and making fools of ourselves trying to get the perfect fall photos of our kids. This was Mina's first fall pumpkin photo opportunity so of course my inner paparrazi came out. So our husband's rolled their eyes and tried to help us pose our children in natural, "I'm hanging out in the pumpkin patch covered with pumpkin's" type poses. Where?, are those photo's, well they are on my camera which is somewhere in the middle of the boonies, hidden within 6 acres of corn fields... Why?, I gave it to my husband-- I just didn't tell him that I was giving it to him & I didn't zip up the camera case that he had on his person, I just kinda dropped it in. And Marc, who is not one for just walking through a corn maze, decides to (about every 20 feet) hide "in" the corn and jump out trying to scare our the kid's... So by the time we figure out that we are missing the camera, we realize that it is not just lost it is LOST in the thick of the corn part of the corn maze! So, my girl Heather tried to take some last minute photos of us, because if we don't have it in a photo, it didn't happen, Right? So this is the best of the fall photos for now, isn't her baby just the cutest! Now I get to research what my next camera will be.... I didn't like my old one anyway... Maybe, I can win one here and help bring this adorable little guy home!


chksngr said...

TOTALLY cracked up at we did the same on Friday morning with all of Jay's little school pals...minus the losing of the camera of course...I have YEARS of pumpkin pictures...this year I dispensed with trying to get the right shot and just let him have a good was WAY more fun for us BOTH!

Anonymous said...

Your babies are gorgeous...just checked out your timeline from Mina's (love her name) adoption---Wow---how I wish for that!

I will be stalking your blog from now on for updates!


Carmi said...

OH NO!!! Well, at least you did not really like the camera. Humm...wonder if I can get by with that?? Better not try it now I'm thinking.:-0. You kids are just precious!

Jeanette said...

Hi Amy! I saw the link to your blog on RQ on a post about your I171H. Anyway, I got to looking at your blog (your children are precious by the way!) and I noticed in this post the little girl sitting with your girls and she looked so familiar to me (the teeny tiny pigtails gave her away!). Is her mom Heather? She came to a bible study I was at one evening and I got the chance to meet her. Anyway, I thought that was so neat! We are in the same town and we are in the process of adopting from China (LID 11/13/06). What a small world!