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Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Mommy Move!

Ok, so I was WRONG, I am not ashamed to admit it.  Even Papa told me not to mess with Mina's cute hair, but I couldn't resist.I cut the bangs, and now we have to wait twice as long for them to grow out,  and she has a new nickname "M squared" which stands for Mullet Mina... Can you tell, she is ticked, well at least she doesn't look so happy about it in this photo, can you blame the poor kid..I was having to put her hair back every day before but at least we had some options.. now we have one: a fountain head style ponytail right up front. This week is our last all out week of swim team so things will slow down a bit around here, Mina is going to miss the goggles and swim cap though, I have a feeling she has a future in swimming. I mean seriously who likes to wear goggles around like that.  She also like to go for bike rides, just like the others..... what a workout, riding these kids around on the bike. Too bad we can only take one at a time. Not like I could pedal up and down the hills with all 3 of them. Am I the only Mama in the world that still uses these bike seats? We look like a bunch of nerds, but we have fun so who cares, right???  


Anonymous said...

She is cute no matter what. It's just hair and it will grow back!! And by the way you are not the only one that still uses the bike seat. We have one on my back for Gabe and he loves it to. We are out every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Some weeks more often than that.


Anonymous said...

Bad Mommy Move???
I think not! Those bangs look adorable on her little face. Love the haircut!