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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The past few weeks of cuteness..

                We love Summertime!!! and girl is having a blast!  We have been having sooo much fun this summer and it is only the beginning.  July will be insanely busy but this past month has been that slow mellow summertime fun.  Mina is such a joy... She adds so much love to our family, she is truly a blessing.  I can't imagine our house without her in it.  She is loving all of her new adventures.  Everything is so exciting for her... I am pretty good at taking photos but not so great at updating the blog, so here are a bunch from the past few weeks.  We went to a concert/ fireworks show which was super fun & Mina loved it.. They released a ton of balloons in the air which was a huge thrill for her, she also had her first merry-go-round experience which was a big deal... Seriously the girl loves everything!  Like sidewalk chalk, she can't get enough. And costumes... I am the ultimate bargain shopper, so each year after Halloween, I hit Old Navy and buy a bunch of these super cute costumes for next to nothing and my kids play in them all year long, Mina is no exception.. and this way the little man doesn't have to be wearing a princess dress like his sisters, which I am not saying he has never done.  but these costumes have gotten a ton of use around here.  Mina also got to hang with her buddy who came home from China just a few months before she did.  This little girl is so precious, I could just stare at her beautiful face, and she is sooo full of personality she cracks you up... She is such a love, and it is unexplainably cute seeing Mina and her play together, so fun! So here are photos from the last few weeks, before our July fun filled vacations start up... 

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Oh, and I love the little so cute!

Its like she has always been here! What was life like before Mina? I can't even think!!!