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Friday, February 1, 2008

Prayers for Mina

I am asking everyone to say a prayer for our Sweet girl waiting for us in China... China has seen horrible storms in the past few weeks leaving much chaos, and Millions of people without power or access to food.
The Mother instincts in me are in full swing.. I want so badly to care for my baby and make sure she is warm, safe, and fed... I have been praying and worrying about her. (Yeah, I know these things shouldn't go together. but I am a wreck when it comes to my kids) I did get some good news today... Someone with a connection to her orphanage called and got word from her foster family that "she is doing good" not much information, but this process is surely not full of reassuring information, so that is good enough for me right now. Mina lives in the Hunan province, one of the worst hit by the storm.. You can see it here on the map. I have posted pictures of people dealing with the storm close to where she is living now...

I also had high hopes that we would recieve word this week about our LOA, which is just the next step closer to traveling to go get our girl... Once we recieve our LOA we travel in 5 or 6 weeks . So again I had high hopes at the beginning of the week, and have heard nothing. Also China pretty much closes down next week for Chinese New Year celebration.. So I most likely won't hear anything for a while.. So needless to say my Mommy nerves are SHOT!
I usually post more Happy Hearted things here on my blog, but it has been quite a while and wanted to throw out there that this is where we are now with our adoption/waiting journey. Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement and support.

A young Chinese villager holds a snow covered shovel at Zhangjia village at the Jiangsu border with Anhui province, Friday Feb. 1, 2008, in Nanjing, China. Snow storms that have battered many parts of China over the last three weeks have killed at least 60 people and caused billions in damage,. the Civil Affairs Ministry said Friday

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Mommy said...

Prayers for your precious baby girl! I am so sorry this is so heart wrenching. I can only imagine.