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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mina's Room

Ok, here are a few pictures of Mina's room...  I had so much fun decorating it,  although I am not completely done,  I still need to get a mattress in the crib and finish off a few things. I am hoping to get some pictures while in China for her walls. I painted her crib, which has been the same crib that all of my kids have used, I was REALLY over the light oak color, so I painted it white and "shabby'd it up a bit"  although you can't really tell in the photos. Right now it is more of a packing station (hence pictures of only one side of the room).  Everything we are starting to collect for our trip, suitcases, baby clothes (the fun part), gifts, snacks, medicines.  It is a multi-purpose dumping ground of sorts.   We are getting very excited for our upcoming trip.  We are really hoping to travel in Mid-Late March.  It would be great if "C" was on spring-break,  that way he will only miss 1 1/2 weeks instead of 2 1/2 weeks of classes, it will make all the difference for him making up all of his work and tests.   Hopefully I will post again very soon with news of our travel dates!  


Anonymous said...

Very cute! I'm so excited for all of you and can't wait until you get her home.


Mommy said...

Love it! That's the bedding I am using too for the girls room. Love PBK...