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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh the Drama...
Even though no one would ever believe me... I really want a simple life.  A quiet life.  An easy life.  Problem is, I don't seem to know how to make any decisions that would lead my crew down a simple path.  Chaos. Absolute complete and utter chaos is always the choice we make.   I'm not exactly sure why and I would probably need a psychotherapist to help me figure it out but I don't have time for such luxuries :)   
So with the stage set of my madness...

I'm not the kind of mom that just signs her kid up for horse lessons, drops her off and picks her up an hour later. 

 I'm the kind of mom that realizes her kid likes horses, signs kid up for lessons, finds a horse farm for the in-laws to purchase (how convenient), finds someone who will give us a few horses, and then goes on a mad search for our own horse.  All in the matter of weeks....And the kicker...I'm scared of horses, like as of a few months ago you couldn't pay me to pet one... Psychotic.   (I'm also the kind of Mom that has 3 kids and decides to adopt 3 more in a 2 1/2 year time span)  Patience is not my friend.  

So, now that my dirty little secrets are out in the wide open....Let me just tell you why I have been so absent around here. 

These stinking horses are a bunch of D.R.A.M.A....but secretly I'm really starting to love them...  

This is my daughters face a few weeks ago when we told her we bought her her very own first horse.....
Keep in mind this sweet child would never ask for such a gift...she's never asked for anything...she knew we were considering...knew we were looking but never once asked or begged or pleaded (she's weird, I know)  

 So we went to see this guy and we fell in love, the story goes something like this..

 He was the most mellow, broke, child friendly horse we had found.    And his mane was the exact same color as Kobi's hair (very important when buying an animal that weighs 1000 pounds more that your little girl...sheeeesh)
and he was her same age, like as in born the same week...

and He LOVED LOVED LOVED The kids and a lot of attention (we have attention to spare around these parts :)  )
but there was a problem that we didn't realize until we brought him home... He goes bananas when he isn't with his friends (aka the other horses)  and becomes...uh....dangerous.  Major buyers remorse, wrapped up in a little girls heart.  OUCH! 
 So we had to do the right thing and let him go to live with someone who was going to use him for what he loved the most...  trail riding with his buddies....  Major lesson learned, for all of us.   It wasn't easy, but I promise you that the lesson won't go wasted.  I have already thought of how it will translate well to that first bad boyfriend break-up....something like this-
"Honey, I know you cared for him, I know he was cute, but he wasn't for you, he wasn't any good, there is someone much better out there for you that will take care of you.  yada yada ya.....Remember when you were a little girl and we bought you that beautiful Palomino horse, he was so sweet at first, but then he turned out to be not so great...then remember your favorite pony...the one who replaced him and how good he took care of you..... " Oh yeah I'm already saving that one, it was worth every tear.  Now I just have to find the perfect next horse/pony :)

 Now this is the thing that has really shocked our socks off....guess who else LOVES horses and seems to be a real natural. He could spend hours on this horse and he is doing so well.  You can just see a spark in him that hasn't been there with any other activity.  His confidence has me giddy. 
 Kobi loves to give him pointers :) In three lessons he has come soooo far. I have been leading him around for the past few month, he finally begged enough to turn  him loose and who would have known.  He is doing fabulous.   I feel so blessed. 

We are having a lot of fun figuring out this whole new world but my oh my is it time consuming.  So much for the simple life.  But I love that we are all outside together hanging and learning and squealing and working it all out.  Thank goodness we have some patient horses right now.  Hopefully we will find a new replacement for Kobi and the kids in the next few months.  


Liz said...

Oh Amy,

I can so relate to the "drama". Growing up on a farm I watched my sister's get bucked off, rolled off, scraped off, flipped off from so many of our horses. I never understood the enjoyment. The good news is that we did have a few good horses that were good riders. They are tempermental creatures for sure. Hope the kids continue to enjoy riding.


Merrill said...

I saw the same confidence and joy in my daughter when she took some riding lessons a few years ago. It was like she had been doing it all of her life. I had never seen her like that. Unfortunately, we were not able to continue the lessons for financial reasons, but hope to return to them in the fall. I, too, am scared to death of horses and find my heart in my throat every time she is on one!