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Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Horse Show

Kobi had the cutest Holiday Horse show at the barn she takes lessons at.  I love how it was a "fun" show, no pressure.  Her class had a farm animal theme so she (and by she, I mean "I") had to make a costume for her horse... The thought stressed me out but we pulled it out.  
He turned out super cute, for a sheep...but doesn't he look like he is just a bit humiliated to be wearing such a get-up :) 
Here is a video I made of her class, I know no one will think it is as cute as her mama and papa does but I figured I would put it out there :)

HORSE SHOW HOLIDAY 2011 from amy on Vimeo.

Fun times!  Hope you all are enjoying the holidays and soaking up the season.  Next week is the mad rush of 3 of the littles birthdays and MY biggest  BOY is coming home for a few weeks.  I vow to soak up the family moments and not to get obbsessed with all the to do lists and expectations of this glorious season.


Bailey said...

Love the sheep! What a fun thing to do (though I do understand why you were stressed). Enjoy the holidays!

fullertribe said...

Love this post. She is SO cute. What a lucky girl she is!

Liz said...

She is adorable and has an aura of sweetness. Love the pigtails!

Jenny said...

That is just hilarious! Love it!!

Jen said...

Very Cute!