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Monday, April 4, 2011

Never a dull moment

I love Sunday mornings...  I actually try to wake up early on Sunday mornings... I know that goes against the grain but it is my little routine.  I wake up before the chaos, sneak downstairs to get my coffee and the paper.  I sit in my favorite spot and don't move for a full hour...unless I am refilling my coffee cup.  I love this little down time and since we always get the entire crew dressed and out the door to get to 9:30 church service, early is the only way to go.      So this particular Sunday, I sneak down the stairs so that I don't wake any of the twerps and go to get my coffee.  This is what is sitting right next to my fresh brew.... 

Seriously!  So I don't dare open the box, but what the heck.  I hear a fluttering inside the box and I am a little weirded out.  I don't like the idea of some unseen creature sitting right next to my coveted coffee mug.  So I pick it up and move the box to the laundry room.  I know this is the work of Collin,  He works late weekend nights so I am usually sleeping when he gets home, and this box on my counter with the big sign is just so.. him.

When he finally wakes up I get the scoop that the bird in the box has a broken wing.. We decide to let the bird live on our sunporch...  like a big huge bird cage.  The kids all think this is our new pet and name him "Barney".   They put out food and water and check on it constantly.  I go about my business for a day or two, and then I decide that I should googl@ how to heal a bird with a broken wing and it wasn't pretty.  The bird will never fly again.

Then that afternoon the kids get home from school and run out to see Barney... my 7 year old comes running into my bedroom with a dead bird in his hands and he is full out bawling.  Kobi is right behind him tears streaming down her cheeks...  I quickly instruct my little man to take the bird outside, thank you very much and then we have a long talk about death and how we will see Barney again in Heaven someday.  

Never a dull moment around this place.  
Oh, and here is some fun news... Look at the cool swag my minivan will be sportin' starting in the fall.   My boy is officially college bound

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Kathleen said...

WOW on all fronts! I'll forgive Collin the NC State bit, only because we have a soft spot for him (just thankful he didn't cross over to the Dark/Dook side...hee! hee!) Wow - college. How did THAT happen? And so sorry about Barney - I recall the same thing happened to Rachel when the goldfish we won at the preschool carnival died (thought it was literally scared to death from Rachel surrounding the bowl with her Fisher Price people -turns out we should have treated the water first :( And God trusts me to raise children...? ;) Tell C congrats!