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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Big SIX

My boy turned 6 this week!  He was crazy excited about his birthday... we talked about it for WEEKS leading up....

 It was so sweet to see him bask in the attention even though he was a little shy when his class was singing Happy Birthday to him.... He was so thrilled to get to wear the school issued birthday hat... again we talked about it for days prior and he didn't want to take it off :)
Here he is posing for his "6 year old pic"  with his infamous fashion accessories...the bandage..  He has a new bandage at LEAST once a week.. his elbows and knees take a beating.  I can't count how many boxes of bandaids we go through... and not the little ones, the big mamas.  So here is a makeshift -"I can't believe we ran outta bandiads again" bandaid.  You can still see the remnants of last weeks battle scar :)    This pic is so Ty.  I know one day I will forget that he couldn't go 48 hours without a major fall.  This is big progress though.. When he was first home I actually put him through some testing because I thought he surely had a problem with his equilibrium/ or inner ear issues..  He fell ALL. THE. TIME.. I didn't realize that he had never played outside and never had to navigate differences in terrain... so grass or incline or stairs would result in a major tumble.  
 So anyhow, we took him to Chuck E Chee@e for his bday..  He was over the top thrilled.  It is usually my most unfavored place in the universe but on a monday night it wasn't so bad... we owned the place :)
 Are the kids in your house obsessed with the P@ul Frank monkey????  We are over here, but I like him.. he's pretty cute :)
 So during the weeks leading up to his big day, I would ask what present he wanted and every time I got the same reply... "Mama, for my birthday, can I have a balloon".  We of course came through with the balloons.  He received other gifts too...but none came close to the bouquet of balloons via the Doll@r Store.   Big stuff :)
Happy Birthday my big man. You are the bomb-diggity :)


Kristi said...

What a doll - happy 6th birthday Ty!

fullertribe said...

Chuck E Cheese has almost become a tradition with Gabe's birthday. I think I'm actually going to be sad when he dosen't want to go there anymore :( I didn't relize that our two boys were so close in age! I can't wait until they get to meet each other. Love you all.

Kathleen said...

A balloon, really?? that to 2nd graders asking for an ipad (not mine - well, actually, yes - but after I about wet my pants laughing, he got the point. Not gonna happen on my watch, kid :)Such a sweet boy you have. Happy b-day to Ty!!

Kristi said...

Oh that picture of him smiling with his, SO precious. It is clear that in that moment he knew how much he is loved and celebrated!
And no, we aren't into the monkey. For us it is Hello Kitty...
Happy birthday Ty!

Mikki said...

Your son is so adorable. Happy 6th birthday Ty!

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