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Friday, February 4, 2011

So here we go... we are starting the countdown of sorts.  There are going to be a lot of these posts I'm sure between now and summer.  The end of a childhood and the beginning of letting go.  It's bittersweet.  This week was the last of Collin's regular season wrestling matches.
So we all went to watch him wrestle, it was Senior night so all the graduating seniors and their parents received special recognition. It was nice.  

The kids all made signs and cheered on their big bro...even when he was waiting his turn and warming up :) Here he is as captain, leading his team in stretching,  the little kids thought this was kinda funny :)

This sport consumes his every thought.  He has to drop THIRTY pounds to wrestle at this weight...and keep it off, and weigh in a few times a week, then get on the mat and wrestle. 
He is measuring his water consumption. So you can see how just the mental game of being hungry all day every day for months is enough to consume your every waking moment, plus there is a ton of pressure once on the mat.. and my boy is INTENSE in everything he does.  he takes everything seriously. he does nothing half way.  even if he's just being a goofball

He has loved wrestling.. and it is sad as he doesn't think he will wrestle in college.   But I would be so nervous knowing he was wrestling where I couldn't supervise his daily water intake or drive him to the ER, which is a regular occurrence during wrestling season.. Stitches and x-rays and orthopedics...  yeah just a day in the life around here.

So bitter sweet for sure,  I will miss watching him compete, I know he loves it so.  I will miss that my 'fridge actually has food in it, my boy is so ready to start eating and putting back on his 30 pounds. 
I'm sure he will still be at the gym every day.  He is also very passionate about health, nutrition, & exercise.  Don't ask him a nutrition or exercise question unless you REALLY want to know the answer in every minute detail. 
Here is Finn taking a rest while waiting for Collin,  his nickname in school is "slinky"  it's a long story, that actually isn't that interesting but for whatever the reason the name stuck.  It is pretty strange that when talking to parents, I say I'm Collin's mom, and it means nothing.. but when I say , Slinky and they know right away. I even had one parent question me as to why I named him that...sheesh, seriously.  He has even had to go as far as getting his name changed to "slinky" on student council ballots 'cause no one would know who "Collin" was :)   He is looking forward to shedding the name in college and so am I.
Not sure if this poster was real sportsman like, but the kiddos sure thought it was funny :) 
We love you big brother! We will miss you next year, but we can't wait to take over your room :)

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Kathleen said...

"My brother can PIN your big brother!" BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is PRICELESS!! No he is NOT college-bound!!! How did that happen?? :( Now I feel really old...He was always my kids' favorite sitter. You've done so well with him, Amy - I know he is his own man and old enough to NOT be defined by his wonderful parents,but you deserve to be so proud of him - he is a wonderful young man.