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Monday, February 28, 2011

I love boys, I know it is so fun to dress up little girls with the outfits and paint their nails and all.  But boys are so much easier, and so much softer, and so loving with so little maintenance.  It is a wonderful simple love.  I am so happy I get to experience it.  

 So our very last weekend of our self imposed "no-spend" month went off well.  We scrounged up enough coins to ride the train into the city and go to the museum, since we paid with "found" change it felt like it was free.  I know that is false but just go with me on this, please.  We have an annual family pass to the museum, and if you ride the train you don't have to pay for parking (or CRAZY priced gas). We also packed a lunch so a fun filled FREE day.
  We have been to the science museum dozens of times, but the kiddos just can't get enough of it.  I don't know why we hadn't taken Ty before today. 

He was loving every second.  He really soaks in everything.  He loves new adventures, he would have been satisfied with the 20 minute ride on the commuter train.   His English is getting so much better and I LOVE being able to communicate with him. 
  I keep asking him all these questions about his time in China.  We knew right when we met him that he had very little exposure to the world outside the four walls where he lived.   Now he can tell us, and it breaks my heart.   
 Things that I had assumed are true and things I hadn't even though of...just sad really.
 All the kids had a fun day.  I can't wait to take them all to Disney in a few weeks.  Ty is going to pop.  I mean the boy jumped up and down with excitement because I bought grapes at the grocery store the other day. His excitement is contagious... can't wait to see him on Thunder mountain & Small world with a big ol' icecream bar.  It will surely be the highlight of my trip :)
 All in all our no spend month went really well.  I love the perspective it brought to me.  If I had to spend a few $'s on something I REALLY considered it.  I didn't step foot into a T@rget.  and only stopped at the dreadful walm@rt once for V-day candy.  We did save enough for Marc and I to go on a little trip this summer, so now I get to do the fun planning part...the payoff!!!  We will definitely be doing this every year.  I think everyone should try it.. let me know if you do!!!


Cheri said...

Looks like fun! I remember when Ivy started answering some questions about her life in China. Some of it was very sad..being hit. But, she had fun stories of all of her friends and school. I'm glad they all can make good memories now.

Angie said...

This place looks strangely familiar :) I just got the pics developed from our trip to your place...what fun we had! Have fun at Disney-we are going in July, although this time not staying IN Disney...I'm sure Ty will LOVE it! FYI-I think most of Fantasyland in the MAgic Kingdom (Small World, Peter Pan,Dumbo,rides etc) is closed since they are redoing Fantasyland. I think ToonTown is closed too. Maybe we could chat and see if we could meet up with you guys in July either on the way down to FL or the way back. Love and miss you all!

Gretchen said...

I just might give this a try soon. It might take a little planning.