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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Kobi had her birthday party at the house yesterday,  we rented a bounce house for her and her friends,, but couldn't resist taking WAY too many photos of the kids before the party got started. 
The kids had a candy hunt, picking through the hay.. definitely an good party game, the kids loved it and it was super simple to pull off from a Mommy perspective too.
Anyone recognize this horrible contraption, you can read all about it HERE... definitely NOT worth the Mommy effort on this one.. Still the kids liked it, and I liked seeing it get demolished!
Right after her party we had to get to church, here we are looking a bit frazzled and rough for an Easter church service, but a photo of all of us together is priceless.. so here it is. It looks so incomplete to me.. I want my Finnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Had to color our Easter Eggs, so fun.  I have to become inspired to make a bunch of deviled eggs or egg salad this afternoon.  I think it must be a sin to throw out that many eggs, but after watching this whole mess go down.. the last thing I want to do is consume these bad-boys... (The guy in the gray is James, he's our buddy that lives down the street.  I love this boy like one of my own... he loves getting in on our messes,,, he even showed up this morning 3o minutes after our egg hunt, what teenage boy wakes up and gets ready and is at your house at 8:00a.m. to look for eggs, ON A SUNDAY.  He about broke my heart, he thought for sure we wouldn't be out and done before 8:00a.m.  I almost called Mr. Easter Bunny and had him re-hide eggs so he could go and search for them.)  
Last year we were in Beijing on Easter Sunday,  we held Mina in our arms for the very first time the next day, on Monday.. This morning marked the last of the first's, as far as holidays go for Mina... bittersweet.  


Michele Ray Huff said...

I saw an old post on RQ where you mentioned you didn't think many people had adopted from Zhuzhou. If you haven't already, I invite you to join us at ZZ Familes, the Zhuzhou adoptive families list. We are 500+ families worldwide that have adopted from ZZ.

Michele Ray Huff
ZZ families, co-moderator

Michele Ray Huff said...

Oops! I just hit me that you are that Amy - already a ZZ Family member. Sorry, I only knew Mina by her ZZ name.

Mina is lovely and Finn so adorable!

Best wishes,