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Friday, July 8, 2011

summer slammed

I am laughing at myself right now because a few weeks back, before summer started, I was sooo worried about entertaining the kiddos during the long slow summer days. I purposely tried to pack the calendar so we wouldn't get bored. I'm an idiot.
We are going a mile a minute around here and it is just now slowing down, but only for a short while.  Marc and I did go on our  little getaway courtesy of our family no spend month of February...  We were looking forward to spending 5 days on the beautiful beaches of Mexico and that we did, at least for the first 2 days.  Then the rains came and hovered, tropical depression style right over our slice of heaven and we ended up spending the remainder of our trip in classy places like this....  

It may sound like I am complaining, and yeah I was a little bummed.  Blue sky and sunshine are the keys to my happiness, but I am so thankful that I got to spend a few days alone with my favorite person on earth. :)  

Every other waking moment of the first month of summer was spent poolside for the kids swim team.. holy cow what a time sucker.  but they had fun...

Finn even has her own personal time out spot on the pool deck..
4th of July was a hit as usual.  The kids love decorating their bikes and going to a little hometown parade. 

And then this week Marc, Collin, and I hopped in the car for parent/child orientation at NC state.  Such a beautiful campus, so overwhelming to think that my baby is grown and leaving home, even though I know he is ready for it.  It is surely bittersweet. From the way I see it they are going to make it easier on him than he's got it around here.  Amazing opportunities ahead for this kid.  He has made us so proud.


Kathleen said... NOT wait so long to post again! Seriously...who do you think you are - crazy busy mom to six or something? Oh, wait... :) Love the update and pix - C has put on some SERIOUS muscle - wow!, he looks fantastic!! Amazing what NOT having to spit into a cup for wrestling will do to a guy's physique! He will do so well at NCSU - we'll be in touch prior to the UNC/State game for some good-natured ribbing! Happy summer!

Kathleen said...

(and what's up with posting a Pomegranate Martini recipe, with an actual link to a sticky rotesserie chicken?? So not fair, though I do love me a good rotesserie chicken...! :)

rgshrs said...

I swear that D and Finn are cut from the same cloth. LOL. We are just starting to slow down this summer, just in time to ramp it back up packing for our trip to Maine. Someday maybe we will learn to just chill. ;)

Sharing Life and Love said...

I bet people think you are Collin's girlfriend. You look ready to just start college yourself!

That picture of Marc on the stool---too funny.