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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

 So I have been called out for being a slacker/blogging Mama, yeah you know who you are!!!  Honestly the last few weeks have been a bit nutty around here.  I don't know what it is about that transition from summer to fall.  We have had some exciting stuff, 2 out of 4 kids started school this week, but I am saving that post so we can see all 4 first days at once.  We started our soccer season with a bang, Abui (grandma) fell and broke & dislocated her wrist and ended up needing surgery this week. Yikes.  This Labor day weekend was pretty fun though.  We didn't do anything extraordinary.  Hung around, hit the pool,  I did a practice Tri-athalon with some super fun chicks on Saturday EARLY morning. The real deal triathalon isn't for like 5 or 6 weeks but since it is our first one we did a practice run-through.  It was actually fun...Just what I need, really, another hugely time-sucking hobby.  I had promised my Bloom (check it out partner that I would only be focusing on my 4 kiddos & Bloom, I don't know how this triathalon thing snuck in there but I like it, it is my ME time. We have some really exciting thing happening over at Bloom, I can't wait to be able to talk & post about it... It is good stuff, the kind of good stuff that keeps you up at night... So exciting!!!! Anyhow, we also went to a Harvest Moon festival this weekend,  A chinese tradition that I have to admit I need to read up on a bit more before I explain it, but it was way cute to see Mina amongst a ton of other Asian cutie-pies.  We had fun, and Mina & her buddy Mia got to hang.   We also took possibly one of our last trips to our favorite neighborhood spot.  The "Swings" of our neighborhood will be taken down soon, we are NOT happy about that, it is our favorite thing about our 'hood.  But I guess the HOA is scared of the liability of the whole fun thing... Oh well, we made it into a photo op... check it out.. Thanks for checking on us!  See you soon!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

The swing pictures are too cute! Your kiddos are just adorable. Way to go on the triathlon! I hear you about it being time consuming. I did a half marathon this spring and I thought that took way too much time to train for, I can't imagine finding time to run, swim, AND bike. You go girl!

Mollieb said...

OK You called me out but I am glad you updated! Looks like you all had a ton of fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mollieb that took way to long. Missing you all from Michigan.
I truly hope that you are scrapbooking these wonderful pictures!


chksngr said...

LOVE your kiddo pics....they are growing up so fast! That swing is AWESOME! Maybe we should find a tree to do that on here at our house...would you come visit? Hee hee