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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lets try this out!

My first posting on a blog, I can't believe it. I never thought that I would be doing this but it is a great way to jounal what is going on at our house. Right now we are loving the beautiful fall , enjoying the kids and working on bringing our littlest one home from China.

Our LOI went to China on 10/22/07 !!!! I am probably being way to optimistic to hope for a PA (pre approval from China) by Thanksgiving, but I am just going to hope and keep up the paperchasing to bring our little girl home! What a pumpkin!

This is our newest updated picture and info :
Now 10 months. She always has a lovely smile on that little face of hers. She has these half-moon shaped eyebrows above her big and round eyes; makes her look like a little angel. She can say: “Nanny!” and is friendly to everybody. She laughs easily. Her developments are normal; can “walk” in the walking chair; can hold the feeding bottle on her own; can stand for a brief moment when holding on to a wall or a chair on her own; she can play with a toy handed to her for a long time. She likes the crowds. She never sleeps during the day; loves to watch TV and often dances with the tunes on TV. She usually sleeps at 8pm ; then she will sleeps till 6am. She drinks milk twice a day and eats rice 3 times a day. She also eats some crackers and fruits as supplementary food.

Our First Photo:

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